Our Land

If this scene has a scenography, a background, that is our land.

The screenwriter Robert McKnee said that in a stereotype trivial story, the background takes the place of the tale. In an archetype a unique and original story, the tale remains at the center. Ours is without doubt one of this.

It is a story in which the heart of it is: Us, the grapes, the winegrowers and the wine, whereas you can find in the background the gigantic historical tradition and culture that inevitably enriches us and makes us who we are.

Campania region has always been land of fine wines.

The heterogeneity of the landscape of this region is amazing with an unparalleled morphological and climatic diversity, which has allowed the survival of vines that elsewhere could never have prospered, giving rise to unique terroir.

The nature of these lands, in these burning fields and the sea, is volcanic and rich in minerals, ashes and lapilli and it has made sure that during the history many vineyard areas were sparred by the devastation of parasites. For this reason, the actual Falanghina, Fiano, Greco, Piedirosso and Aglianico grapevines can be considered true and authentic heirs of the oldest variaties.

An “unicuum” of native varieties in the world viticultural panorama.

The project: Radici Vive

Through our roots we embrace the history of this land, the history of our family and the winemaking tradition of ancient memories.

“Radici Vive” (which means “Live roots”) tells the story of a family with a modern prospective, whose strenght is our own, handmade and human dimension that is essential to our work.

Since 1981 our goal is to produce wine.

Slow time and patience have allowed us to build solid and genuine relationships with different wine producer families, which we take care of the grapes during the entire year.

Suitable vineyards with favorable exposures which we take care with a deep respect to nature and of biodiversity. Deep eyes, young faces or hollowed out by time but never tired, which take care of the growth of the grape. Expert hands, thickened by fatigue, collect the grapes only when they are perfectly mature.

It is not just an agricultural cultivation but above all a cultivation of feelings and trust, that creates a virtuous and thriving supply chain.

This is how we select (and use) the finest grapes in order to create our best wines: six single-varietal and three blend.

They are eccentric, original and unique wines!