Premium 891 Blend

Three wines, three personalities, three stories to tell a journey that started in 1891. 

To create a blend is an authentic and personal gesture: to merge and combine in a careful manner varieties with different peculiarities to obtain a unique wine that is the result of technique and knowledge.

In the same way that a skilled Neapolitan tailor sews selected fabrics to create one of a kind and exclusive pieces, we value the unique character of the single grape variety in order to produce composite, multifaceted and harmonic wines: that are simply unique!

Wine inspired by strong personalities to which we can be identify ourselves.

Blend of Falanghina and Fiano

Storico 891

Blend of Aglianico, Piedirosso and Primitivo

Blend of Aglianico and Piedirosso

Single Varietal

A meeting among knowledge and sensitivity, technique and research.

A tiring and rewarding journey that enhances the Campania grape varieties, with an addiction of a strong and inimitable stylistic imprint.

Radici vive does not consist of trivial denominations, but ours, unique versions of these wines.

Campania igp

Campania igp