The family and its roots

The furrows that leave the roots, making their way through the land they’re a bit like memories: a trail to follow for those who, like us, preserve a tradition.

The Varchetta’s family, for over a century, has dedicated itself to the winemaking production, combining the attention both to the territory and the work of a lifetime.

It was in 1891 when Vincenzo Varchetta decided to transform his passion in a family work (craftsman), he was sure that time was matured enough to transform the pleasure of wine producing, into something more.

Subsequently his son Giovanni, like many other young man who were engaged at the frontline during the second World War, upon his return he managed to turn his father’s dream into reality.

“Don Giovanni”, as they called him, was an excellent specialist of every vineyard corner in the Campania region: of the exposition of vineyard, the hills, even where the wind was more favorable for cultivation. He transmitted his passion to his children for four generation. Our family has aimed to enhance the Campania oenology, a mixture between ancient teaching and the most modern vinification techniques.

Grape: where everything starts!

We produce wine with the best Campania grapes.

Producing wine is like helping someone we love to grow, in this case everything starts with the grapes.
We respect and take care of the raw material. To obtain the best quality it is not just the business goal but also our family one.

Firstly: it is the result of a work made of fatigue and satisfaction, that we will never betray. This is only the starting point.

From the vineyards with a historical vocation, following the growth and the collection of the grapes, exclusively hand made until the vinification, we use the best techniques to protect the organoleptic characteristics.

Protection of the territory

“Resilient vineyard” is an educational vineyard project carried out in synergy with the Municipality of Naples, the superintendence of Archeological and Cultural Heritage and is the subject of study by the Faculty of Architecture at Federico II University.

The project offers a concrete example of Environmental Recovery to the community service.
A vineyard born around the Roman Mausoleum of Pianura (c.a. 91- ca 100), next to our winery, together with the children and for the young generation in order to enhance the value and the respect of the territory, too often mistreated and abandoned.

Through this virtuous project, launched at the height of the Covid emergency in March 2020, we have been able to promote new forms of integration and training for children from the suburbs, and at the same time we intend to enhance a disused area, with a deep historical and archeological value, adjacent our winery.

The term resilience evokes the ability of the local communities to constantly adapt and readapt to changes. Each time forging virtuos social mechanisms of coexistence with the territory.

For the development of “Resilient vineyard”, schools and local associations have been involved, with a real training program that will provide knowledge and deepen all the aspects of the viticulture and the oenological sector.

The goal is to carry out the first grape harvest between the 2024 and 2025 in order to obtain an educational wine that is the result of a joint work that will help to finance new projects of awareness in the state schools.