Single Varietal


Neapolitan par excellence. This is the wine that more than any other embodies at its best the essence of being Neapolitan.

It loves the hot weather, it is extravagant and temperamental in the vineyard, disorderly in the vinification process.

The Piedirosso, that in Neapolitan dialect means “pigeon’s foot”, takes its name from the fact that the pedicelus holding the berries, when it ripes, it takes on a particular red color, which together with its shape, resembles a pigeon foot. In the past it was considered to be the son of a minor Bacchus, for its structure with a light blaring a limited carbohydrate charge and for its colour not very intense, due to the poor equipment in Malvidina

Today, in this pure dress, the Piedirosso has found a leading role: a tremendously contemporary red, nervous and at the same time herbaceous, bright and gastronomic.

A clear and consistent wine with a ruby red color with violet reflections. The intense, fine and complex nose has fruity hints (small red fruits such as currant and plums), mineral and floral (violet), as well as toasted and smoked notes typical and unmistakable of this grape.
Dry, warm and soft taste. Good tannins, freshness and flavor. Balanced and full-bodied wine with good persistence and intensity.

DENOMINATION | Campania igp Piedirosso

GRAPE VARIETY | Piedirosso

PRODUCTION AREA | Province of Naples and Benevento

SOIL |Franco – Sandy, Clay – Calcarei

TRAINING SYSTEM | Guyot bilateral

HARVEST PERIOD | first decade of October

HARVEST | Manual


MACERATION | Cold fermentation

FERMENTATION | Stainless steel


TEMPERATURE | 22° – 24° C

AGING | Steel and bottle



Ideal with white meat, soups of medium fat fish, such as cod, meat sauce and soft cheeses.